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Companies to Watch: ACE HARDWARE

Ace Hardware is one of the most rapidly expanding companies in the retail industry. In a world of dying retail sales, online marketplaces, and hard to find products, most in-store retailers are hurting for business. This however seems to have found a recent exception to the rule in Ace Hardware. They tend to evade normal market trends because they have created well established clientele. Their clientele is highly loyal, constantly in need of their service, and frequently boasting about the exceptional service they receive. In fact the New York Post reported that out of 35 companies surveyed, Ace Hardware presented some of the highest customer satisfaction for brick and mortar store customer satisfaction.

This extends beyond just your normal sales cycle. The customers at Ace Hardware 10 to return an average of four times as frequently as customers to their normal store. The only other industry that seeing this enormous return on investment for client acquisition is brand new high-end grocers such as Whole Foods. The ROI on the average customer is 750 percent for the high return companies. In a world of more and more advertising avenues such as social media marketing, it is necessary for client acquisition to result in very high ROI.

As far as the retail market goes, it seems that Ace Hardware has established themselves as the number one source on how to get a high ROI quickly. Without a doubt there is there is not another company that can boast the same claim that ace hardware's marketing team can. It is for reasons such as this, that we are proud to add Ace Hardware to our company's to watch list.

Although recent stock market trends have not been fantastic for this company, we predict a long lasting, successful, high yield returning future for this company. One of the most important things to remember from this investment opportunity is that it is a long-term game. Over 14 of our many readers have reported excellent customer interactions with this company which adds it to our incredible watch list. If you would like to add your name to the list, simply email us at our contact page to increase the potency of the support for Ace Hardware. Additionally if you would like to voice your support for your company by attempting to get featured on our wiki, which may increase your sales opportunities, simply send us an email to get your company added to our list. Thank you for your readership.

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