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Companies to Watch: INSTADRY

InstaDry is quickly growing towards a large multi-branch status. Their position in the carpet and flooring cleaning industry is cemented. It has been built on the idea of giving full customer satisfaction, maximum effort, and a Cleaned Right Guarantee. Customer satisfaction surveys and reviews online both are a testament to the quality of service provided.

Adding new service areas is their current goal, and they already service a significant portion of Central Florida (Orlando and surrounding locations as well as The Villages) and the Greater Tampa Bay area. Their guarantee of excellent service and large service area has led to rapid growth. Price-matching, no-charge return services if a customer is not satisfied with the cleaning preformed, free quotes, and cleaning plan options are only a part of what makes InstaDry a success.

The company uses an advanced cleaning method specially designed to work on many types of carpet and rugs, ranging from your typical hardy commercial flooring, to the most sensitive of oriental rugs. Instead of using a large amount of water, they use incredibly small sponges that contain a precise amount of cleaning solvents and detergents. Highly skilled and committed technicians perform expert work with customer machines designed to scrub deep into the carpet without pushing dirt down into the base like typical wet-clean systems would.

This low-moisture system protects against the usual drawbacks of a high-volume water clean which include long dry times and the fostering of molds at the base of the carpet. Almost the exact opposite is true with InstaDry, as their system can actually absorb any water or liquid from a spill that might have occurred. In addition, most water based systems end up pushing oils downward. InstaDry uses the Host system which scrubs the fibers of the carpet like a sponge when combined with the dual counter-rotating brushes in their extractor/scrubber systems. This system is proven to capture and prevent the spread of dirt and oils, and also stop the returning of spots.

The solutions InstaDry employs are not only great for carpet and rugs, but also works on tile and grout and hardwood floors. A specialized system is used for each of those cleaning situations, both resulting in superior results when compared to traditional wet-clean systems. The hardwood floor cleaning system uses a unique chemical formula designed to initially loosen surface dirt and oils, and afterwards shine the floor. The system, just like the carpet cleaning one, does not use excess water and instead only uses liquid within the area the machine is covering at the time. An extractor at the back of the cleaning area removes any moisture present.

InstaDry's tile cleaning doesn't use extreme chemicals like most companies, and instead has a more detailed, precise, and safe approach. Most cleanings of tile ends up scratching the surface and damaging the grout. Instead, similar micro-sponges to the ones used in the carpet cleaning are used and carefully worked into the grout. This cleans more than just the surface and serves to prevent return spots, just as with carpet and rugs. Prior to the development of this method, strong cleans could only be given with extremely harsh and powerful chemicals.

All of these special approaches and procedures, along with a highly trained and committed staff are what make InstaDry a company on the rise. InstaDry has certifications from Green Seal, U.S. Green Building Council, Woolsafe, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the U.S. EPA, and others.