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Corporate Wiki | How to Invest in a Fluid Economy

Welcome to the 21st century. A world where money flows faster than water, where investment can lead to explosive growth, or financial destruction. Inside of a modern economic climate is hard to make accurate predictions as to the rise and fall of companies both great and small. However do to creative investments, mathematical operators, and the rise of computing technology it's become easier than ever to predict accurately the great companies of tomorrow. To be honest it starts with an idea and it expands into productivity, creativity, and work ethic. Investors on Wall Street have found ways to quantify each of these pieces of information into binary code that has been processed to give % likelihood this both success and failure.

This brings up the question of how the average investor even begins to compete. When investors on Street are able to make educated hypothesis and create theories of the next winners and losers, how can an investor who is looking at the stock market (sometimes with a delayed timer) even have a chance to compete. This reality is that they don't. People tell the regular investor to stay in the market so long term else they will never stand a chance at making money. And fact most of today’s traders who watch the market on a daily basis end up losing 12% of the money that was invested. This is even enhanced by the fact that many of the larger companies are gaining up to 30 to 50% of their investments which means the people losing 12% are actually losing between 40 to and 62% of the money they could have had. So all these things considered, how can a single investor stand a chance next to the wave upon way of computer engineers that now power the Wall Street Market Place?

There is a one factor that the small investor has that the large corporate computers will never have and this is the personal effect. This is the capabilities of an investor to understand the work ethic of a business from firsthand experience to understand the capabilities of their processing plant from firsthand viewing. This is best portrayed by when and investor checks out the manufacturing facilities of a brand new company and sees potential rather than symbols and numbers. However this is a time consuming method and this isn't effective method for a lone person.

So how can a single investor find his way to multiple companies in the same trip or find his way to multiple destinations on the same travels in order to truly find the best of deal for his money. Well, it comes down to that this single investor does not have to be alone. The single investor does not have to be a lone wander inside of the desert of good opportunity. No, rather single investors can pare up with the rest of the single investors in their areas of for teams and they seem to find the most successful local businesses, the most successful new companies, and the most successful opportunities inside of their area.

That is the goal of this corporate wiki. This site is focused on you to connect both new ideas and old money, put establish companies in brand new adventures, and to connect people who have ideas with people who have the money to fund them. The truth is that many of the billionaires that we think of today became who they are because they invested wisely, they were founded as millionaires because they used the little money they had in creative ways to create new products, new industries, and new market places that could not be overrun by either time or economics.

Companies To Watch